What If You Could Create a 180 Degree Change in Your Child's Behavior - Starting in Just 1 Hour?

What if I told you that you could restore the happy parent-child relationship you always dreamed about — not in months, not in years, but in just an hour?


While you may think such a promise sounds like a miracle, it's really just the outcome of using the right tools to bring about desired changes.


Give us one hour and we will give you the tools to take back your child. That's a promise!

Why do even the most loving and best-intentioned parents struggle with getting—and keeping—their teens on track?
The answer is simple: They don’t have the right tools.

The Problem:
The Teen Brain Is In Turmoil

If you’re dealing with difficult teens, please understand…

It’s not your fault. It's not your child’s fault, for that matter.

Research now shows us that the teen brain undergoes tremendous, chaotic changes that cause many to engage in dangerous and often explosive behavior. It takes skilled parental action to guide teens through these turbulent years.

The truth is, you are a good parent, and you have a good child who simply is growing through a difficult stage of development.

Nevertheless, your child needs your help now. And the same old approaches you’ve been using will NOT deliver success. Consider the following:

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Changes in Brain Chemistry:

  • Make teens overly impulsive and accident-prone.
  • Make teens likely to fight and argue, and misread and / or misinterpret social sign-posts (norms) and expectations.
  • Make teens liable to misunderstand emotions and engage in many risky behaviors.

While some families turn to prescription drug therapies to help balance brain turmoil, behavioral research suggests that strong familial structures are what really help the teen through these trying times.

A recent report from Harvard University tells us that monumental changes are going on in adolescent brains, putting their emotions in hyper-drive and causing them to be at risk for bad choices — all of which can lead to catastrophic consequences. The confusion and hormonal behavior are actually biologically driven!

Why is it then that some teens come through these years and go on to become great successes in life, while others may alienate their families, become involved in alcohol and substance abuse, pre-mature sexual activity and even criminal conduct?

Why do even the most loving and best-intentioned parents struggle with getting—and keeping—their teens on track?

The answer is simple: They don’t have the right tools.

Now, at last, there’s a radical new program for helping parents of all children restore order to the home and completely restore the parent-child relationship.

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The Solution:
It’s called 180 Parenting… And It Can Radically Restore Your Home

If your home is filled with angry outbursts, abusive language, and worse — you need a 180 Degree change.

Today, your home may be in a state of chaos, but — with the right tools — you can change your parenting… and that will change your child.

How can we be so sure? 180 Parenting relies on proven psychological and counseling practices that are regularly used with teens most people would deem hopeless.

The secret? It all boils down to two simple concepts: credibility and accountability. It’s so simple, really. But most people have never seen it done right, and, of course, have no idea how to introduce these concepts into their own home.

Now you can.

180 Parenting will help you

  • Restore love and respect to your home by teaching you how to use motivation and consequences — the right way.
  • End the warfare! Families are meant to be loving and mutually supportive units, not battlefields. At long last, you’ll get actionable tips for restoring your family to its ideal state.
  • Recognize your child’s negative behavior as the cry for help that it is — and know how to respond properly.
  • Feel confident that you’ve done your best with the parenting skills you’ve had—while gaining new tools to address the situation at hand.
  • Stop the blame game once and for all!

Imagine the weight lifted from your shoulders when you fully grasp that effective parenting is not the norm today. Is it any wonder you haven’t known how to handle your child’s behavior?!

It’s time to take back control and regain your rightful place as the head of your home. And the good news is, the skills can be yours in 60 short minutes.

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Recommendedby these Online Parenting Experts

Here's What You Gain from the 180 Parenting Program. When you change your parenting, you change your teen and (finally!) get back the wonderful person hiding behind so much bad behavior.

Home Contractsto Take Control of Your Household

15+ Contracts to Help You Regain Control of Your Home...

  • Set Clear Boundaries & Guidelines
  • Negotiate Better Terms with your Child
  • Foster Communication and Respect

Behavioral Contracts have been used for years by both experts and parents to establish clear expectations on behavior. Outlining such expectations in writing and having both parties agree to the behavior expectations — along with any consequences or rewards attached to the performance of the agreement — can often be an effective way to negotiate new behavior changes or improvements.

You design a printable, personal contract online with your Teen through our Computer software. The software and tutorials provided show you, step-by-step, how to create an effective contract. The process is very easy and individualized for your Teen’s particular needs.

Learnthe Same Techniques Used by Pros

180 Parenting was developed by Residential Treatment Center experts with decades of combined experience working with troubled teens.

Their goal? To help parents establish proper boundaries and discipline in the home—so the type of professional help they offer might never be necessary.

As a result, this program introduces many of the same procedures and techniques effectively used in Teen Treatment Centers and Schools—adapted for use in the average home.

Imagine! Simply by using these same techniques, you can effectively bring about the 180 Degree change you’ve been looking for!

Just as these professionals are able to retrain troubled youth, you can regain the love and respect of your own child.

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Includes3 Coaching Sessions!

Receive 1-on-1 Coaching from experts that have worked in Residential Treatment Centers and specialty boarding schools. Our coaches help parents establish proper boundaries, motivation and discipline in the Home. Our Coaches have years of experience in working with Teens and Parents and will be able to help direct you in using the same processes and techniques that are effectively used in many Teen Treatment Centers and Schools. Coaching calls are available via Phone, Skype or Video Conference (FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc)

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Home Program App to Assign Chores, Pay Allowance, Add Points, Subtract Points & Discuss Issues

Home Program was developed by Residential Treatment Center experts to help parents establish proper communication, boundaries and discipline in the Home. It utilizes many of the same processes and techniques that are effectively used in many Teen Treatment Centers and Schools only it has been adapted for Home use.

The App gives the Teen and their Parents an easy yet effective way to give teens rewards and consequences in order to maintain needed boundaries, discipline and motivation in the home.

  • Chores
  • Allowance
  • Manage Privileges
  • And & Subtract Points
  • Communicate

App Feature Selector App Feature Selector App Feature Selector App Feature Selector App Feature Selector

Complete Parenting Program In a Box

When you order 180 Parenting, you get:

  • Immediate access to 6 online videos, complete with animations and ebooks of each lesson
  • A physical DVD with the entire program mailed directly to you
  • 6 supplemental workbooks
  • Free access to HomeContract.org, where you’ll find software and tutorials to create an effective behavioral contract for your teen (a $19.99 value)
  • Free membership in ParentTools’ Home Discipline Program, where you and your teen can work together to create appropriate rewards and consequences

Bonus Gifts

Order today, and you'll also receive two Bonus E-Books:

  • Difficult Teens: Suggestions for Parents
  • Teen Drug Use: 34 Warning Signs
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Don't Miss Out on this Incredible Offer

If you have disrespectful or difficult teens, you know how important this information is.

If your children haven’t hit their teens yet, there’s no time like the present. Start today laying the groundwork for positive teenage years and a better relationship with your children.

Now is the time to act.

For a short time only, this amazing program is yours FREE!*

Dig in. Listen to the videos. Read the ebooks and apply the lessons you learn in your own home. See for yourself how well these techniques work. Then fill out the worksheet we provide in the membership area and either mail it or submit it online.

As our thanks for your honest feedback, we’ll refund the full purchase price of $297.

No catch. No gimmicks. This information is so important, we want you to have it for free. All we ask is your feedback.

Don’t have time to fill out the worksheet? No problem.

Keep your focus where it belongs—on building a better relationship with your child. We’ll send you an invoice in 30 days for the full program price—just $297, a small price to pay to restore a loving relationship with your child.

If you aren’t completely satisfied that the information in this program can help you turn your teen around and restore peace in your home, simply let us know. You have 180 days to return the DVD for a full refund.

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Get This Kit Free* In Three Easy Steps

It's Time to Transform Your Home

  • End teen power struggles and create the peaceful home you’ve always dreamed about.
  • Get practical, no-nonsense solutions to motivate teens and regain respect and credibility.
  • Learn how to balance love with discipline, shut down negative communications, establish consequences and more.

Best of all, do all this with NO worries about cost.

Listen, at ParentTools, we understand. Counseling for troubled teens costs in the thousands of dollars and competitor programs cost in the hundreds. If money is an issue, you don’t have a chance.

As a result, this program introduces many of the same procedures and techniques effectively used in Teen Treatment Centers and Schools—adapted for use in the average home.

That’s why we have decided to provide a way for you to get the entire 180 Parenting program absolutely free, and here's how.

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You've Got Nothing to Lose...

and Your Child's Heart to Gain

Get Started Now

We believe this information is critical to mending and restoring loving parent-teen relationships, so we're making it available for every family.

There's NO catch.

If you want to restore your home... If you want to teach your children responsibility and prepare them for college and beyond... If you want to regain their loving affection... 180 Parenting is for you.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity.

Did You Know That, in the next 30 days


Teens will run away from home


Teenage girls will become pregnant


Teens will use drugs


Teens will attempt suicide

Don't Become a Statistic

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